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One of our major bussines activities are gallery exhibitions. What hides within this general  term is not just manufacturing of display cases for exhibitions and commercial use of many kinds, sizes and technical specifications, but also its complete service and, last but not least, its renting.

Construction of display cases and cabinets is not the only thing we do. Since 1994 we also organise and prepare artistic exhibitions and expositions. That is very rare activity in our country and only small group of specialists can perform it well. That’s beceause of high standarts and requirements for esthetic and craftsman work.

Many exhibits of great value had been presented in our display cases and cabinets till today. (check References for details).

Display cases for rent

We offer a possibility not only to buy our display cases and cabinets, but you can also rent them for short time exhibitions and expositions.

Solitary modular showcase

700 x 700 x 2000 mm.


Solitary modular showcase

1400 x 700 x 2000 mm.


The modular self-supporting display case is demountable, all-glass cabinet which allows completing and combining showcases into various forms. Openable door panel has hidden safety hinge, which provides easy access into inner space of the cabinet. The door panel is lockable by two locks placed in lower and upper rack of the cabinet. The display case can be equipped with shelfs hanged on the suspension systém with an option of setting up the height of single shelfs.


Counter showcase

1400 x 700 x 900 mm.


Pictorial showcase

735 x 875 x 90 mm.


This case is openable by gas struts. Heigh of the trapdoor is 280 mm.


Airtight showcase with passive air conditioning and system for recording measurement of microclimate.



Trezorová vitrína o rozměrech

1100 x 1100 x 2100 mm.


Tvarové vitríny dle zakázky


Safety-glass display case mounted on a steel base. Showcase consists of self supporting modular glass cabinet with upper and lower dural frame. Showcase consists of three solid glass walls, the fourth wall is formed into an openable front door, in the lower and upper part fitted with safety hinge.


We are able to make showcases in round, eliptic shape or any other shapes.